Nature is space that we have got to live in. Nature is such a rich source of rest, food, knowledge and inspiration that it, once integrated into our lives, could be the most innovative discovery of the 21st century.

Some product features

  • Used carefully, nature provides enough healthy food.
  • Offers a healthy and stimulating learning and working environment.
  • Inspires innovative solutions and mindsets.
  • Is able to adapt itself to new circumstances.
  • Is able to bring people and itself into balance, to heal.
  • When used properly in abundance available.

Where to get nature?

Nature is still in its infancy. Curiously, the number of distribution points outside the city is higher than in the city, while there is a growing need in the cities. There is a great need for distribution centers in cities with a high amenity value, nutritional value and they should invite social interaction. Aimed at the neighborhood pickup points are identified by the name “parc”, at street and house level named ‘front garden‘,’roof top garden’ or ‘garden balcony’. Anyone can start a free natural distribution point.

Knowing more?

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