There is a great need for quality nature in the city. Nature in the city must have ecological value, amenity and nutritional value and it should invite to more social interaction. Fusing nature with city happens increasingly, but not fast enough to make people more self-reliant and happier.

Some advantages of a living city

  • The living city makes people self-reliant and happy
  • A high quality urban environment is self-healing
  • The economy of a living city is local and social
  • Knowledge and experience is shared with other cities

Different thinking in urban planning

The economy appears no longer stretchable and “growth” is no longer the magic word. It is clear that cities where culture and nature is more available become more flexible than cities where the availability is lower. Cities which is less green will shrink. To reverse that process politicians should give more space to residents to organize their own naturedistribution points. This works at district level, but also on the street or house level. By giving people more selfcontrol less steering is required. Sticking to a “growth” model is a threat. Because nature is necessary to make cities healthier and more self-reliant inother way of thinking is required, spatially and economically.

Knowing more?

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