Bomen in de WIjk-002

The benefits of trees in the city are underestimated. They often are considered as a problem and expensive. On this page I make a list of the many benefits of trees, making cities more social and vital. Trees belong to our nature, they are fun, useful and we can learn from them.

Trees are a great experience

  • As a nice place to stay
  • As a lookout
  • Making visitors feel safe
  • Used to indicate boundaries as fences, partitions for privacy or property
  • As a landmark, like “The big oak”
  • Trees bring people together
  • Connecting people emotionally and spiritually
  • To identify the seasons
  • Reduce crime and vandalism
  • Trees can smell nice
  • Inspire with color, shape, smell and taste
  • To connect people with the place, identity, pride
  • Trees attract people
  • Provide shelter against rain
  • Trees compensate the stone urban surroundings
  • Trees as a memorial of an event
  • Leaves are great to play and craft
  • To climb, hide and play in
  • To live in, to build tree-houses

Trees increase biodiversity

  • As a habitat for birds, insects, mammals
  • Fallen leaves feed soil life
  • Fallen fruit feed birds, insects and mammals
  • Holes and cracks provide protection for animals
  • Protect life beneath against frost damage
  • Dead wood brings life
  • Trees form routes for bats and other animals
  • Trees attract bees and other pollinators
  • Trees attract disease and pest controlling animals

Trees have a cultural function

  • As a memorial for future generations
  • As in “family tree”
  • To communicate with the gods

Trees are good for a local economy

  • Attract economic activity
  • Increase in value of real estate
  • Provide building materials
  • Provide fuel, biomass
  • Authentic trees come and grow for free
  • Trees take a little space when they are pruned
  • Trees as natural arrester near buidings
  • Trees to give livestock shelter
  • Trees provide jobs
  • Trees provide tools

Trees help us combating climate and environmental problems

  • Cooling down the street (urban heat island)
  • Remove CO2 from the air
  • Give oxygen
  • Cooling down the house
  • Filtering groundwater
  • Preventing erosion
  • Cooling down installations
  • Evergreen trees as a windshield
  • Evergreen trees for noise reduction
  • Evergreen trees against light pollution
  • Evergreen trees against landscape pollution
  • Catch dust
  • Trees regulate water flow in rivers

Trees have health benefits

  • Tapping water from a tree
  • Blocking UV light
  • Providing healthy food
  • Speed up recovery
  • Trees are relaxing, give peace
  • Trees have health benefits

Trees make our landscape

  • To structure the design of the landscape or neighborhood
  • Marking historical landscape elements
  • Give the place character
  • Trees crate their own landscape without human intervention